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About Gray Hair Management

The Gray Hair behind Gray Hair Management

Jack Heyden has held senior executive positions in the financial services and consulting industries. Early in his career, he was a bank corporate lending officer, operations officer and head of global training and development for a top ten US bank. He then founded his own training and coaching business, and clients included Citicorp, Kraft, FMC, TRW and Nationwide Insurance. For 13 years, he was president of a banking associations, a position he held until a merger. As GHM’s senior coach and mentor, Jack utilizes his extensive experience in executive assessment, coaching, and management and sale development to help clients win the job race.

Scott Kane, GHM founder, has held senior executive positions in the Teleproduction and advertising industries for over 30 years. Some of his projects as Producer-Director were Big 10 Basketball for NBC, NCAA Basketball for HBO and Live-Aid. Later in his career, he joined Telemation Productions as a television Producer-Director and worked his way up to Executive Vice President. For six years, Scott was President of Optimus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch. Scott’s extensive experience in marketing, advertising and branding provides GHM clients with the creative strategy they need to help them differentiate themselves in today’s competitive job market.

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